About Me

Dr. Fahad Khan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences.  He is also a Hafiz of the Qur’an (having committed the entire Qur’an to memory) and has studied Islamic studies with various scholars in the Muslim world and the US. He currently serves as the Deputy Director at Khalil Center, the largest provider of Muslim mental health in North America supervising clinical and research work. He also teaches undergraduate as well as graduate courses in various academic institutions. His research and writing interests include Muslim mental health and Islamic psychology. He is a fellow of the International Association of Islamic Psychology and serves on the editorial board for Journal of Muslim Mental Health (USA) and Journal of Clinical and Professional Psychology (Pakistan). He is actively involved in professional organizations and is currently the co-chair of the Legislative Committee of Illinois Psychological Association.

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Healthcare: 18 years

Therapy & Counseling: 15 years

Research: 14 years

Management: 13 years

Teaching: 6 years